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GBV high level Meeting in DR Congo

The visit of UNFPA Regional Director in the DRC had key moments including exchange on the progress and challenges in the fight against gender-based violence. With local partners and the Representatives of donor countries in the DRC, the high level meeting was chaired by Dr Julitta Onabanjo. It aimed at better understanding the vision of the national authorities on this issue as part of SDGs by taking into account the humanitarian situation the country is facing now.

Situation of GBV in the DRC

·         The humanitarian situation with 3,7 million IDPs and more than  500,000 internal refugees and 23,000 Congolese refugees due to conflicts in both Kasaï provinces.  The majority of those affected are women and child girls who need an urgent intervention. Today, the DRC is the country of the Region with a large number of IDPs.

·         The need for the extension of the vision in response to gender-based violence by addressing the underlying causes as well as other forms of violence to women and girls.

·         A number of progress achieved in efforts to fight against sexual violence; the Congolese expertise available and recognized at the international level like in the Central African Republic  and in South Sudan; good practice and a successful experience in the east of the DRC at the national level.

·         The need for tools like SOP, the health certificate to improve the response to sexual violence.

·         GBV prevention through innovating strategies at the community level, the use of new ICTs and women empowerment.



Key challenges :

  1. The sustainability of GBV programs which fully depend on international assistance, it needs ownership and sustainability of actions by the government.
  2. The  coordination of interventions and the concentration of stakeholders in the East of the country
  3. Data collection and information management in a consultative manner to act with a single voice
  4. The capacity of the DRC government to invest in welfare and contribute to alleviate the logistic plight to carry commodities to the populations.

The Minister of Gender and Family, H.E Chantal SAFU, commended all stakeholders to the exchange and committed to work in order to improve the coordination of GBV interventions. The Regional Director also commended both the Congolese authorities for their warm welcome and donors for their support to the DRC program.