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UNFPA DRC 2019 Annual Report

In this results based report, we focus on the UNFPA Strategic Plan three transformative results, and also share how we conceptualized the 10 years old girl, and the youth peace and security (SCR 2250) in our context in DRC. We also share the transformational innovation (humanitarian midwifery surge) that was instrumental to our fit-for-purpose in the DRC protracted humanitarian setting.

2019 was a special year for us in many ways as we all celebrated ICPD@25, UNFPA@50, and recorded 30% increase in new acceptors for family planning, 22% increase in fistula repairs, 36% increase in medical and psychological support to GBV survivors compared to 2018. We hope readers will get a sense of how we planted the seeds for the decade of action towards 2030.