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Visit of the Regional Director at Biamba Marie Mutombo hospital

The Regional Director visited Biamba Marie Mutombo hospital which is a private hospital committed together with UNFPA to ending both obstetric fistula and cervical cancer.

At her arrival, after welcome pictures, the Regional Director visited the Unit of Obstetrics Gynecology including the Unit for cancer screening, a ward of women operated and a ward of pot-partum women.

From the visit to women who received fistula repair, the Regional Director was informed about women recruiting, the intervention period and the service attendance. On average, the hospital receives 6 women per week in ordinary period, but 40  on average during campaigns.

Then came the handing over of dignity kits to 19 women by both the Regional Director and Mrs. Stephany Linus, UNFPA Goodwill Ambassador and Producer of the film ‘Dry’. The Regional Director also gave 20 fistula kits to Marie Biamba Mutombo hospital for repair of women who suffer from fistula.

In her speech, the Regional Director commended the hospital and the staff quality. She also recommended recruiting a larger number of women suffering from fistula as the annual incidence in the DRC is 5000 cases, and requested efforts to be made in resource mobilization.

The Doctor Head of the staff, the Representative of the Managing Director of the hospital, acknowledged partnership with UNFPA including nearly 800 fistula repair, several capacity building and drug supply as well as medical devices to the hospital for quality care of women suffering from fistula.